CoCo & Rico: An Essential for Your Kit

Photographer: Thor Sten; Assistant Photographer: Megan Richardson; Makeup Artist: Jenny Ruth; Assistant Makeup Artist: Helen Hellen Torres; Hair Stylist: Ta Mi; Model Director: Kozik Viktoriya; Models: Charlene Sierakowski and Kirsten Larsen; Fashion designer: Wilber Tellez; Jewelry : Carola Bun; Stylist: Jihan Amer


Why is it important to include CoCo & Rico in your kit?

CoCo & Rico is a big believer that local matters.

We strongly value the creative output of talented individuals in this city and want to help showcase emerging artists. Our goal is to connect the local fashion, beauty and arts community by sharing Vancouver-based talent with the public as well as the rest of the industry. One way we’re doing this is through CoCo & Rico’s artists directory — the only local print directory that incorporates a wide range of artists. We have sections for fashion and jewelry designers, stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, nail designers, visual and performing artists, models and photographers. The conveniently sized directory guide would be an invaluable tool for any kit. Copies of CoCo & Rico magazine are available at

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