Halloween Is Here! FX Tips by Jenny

It’s that time of year again, and if you’re scrambling for a last minute costume idea…Jenny is your girl!

Special fx for Halloween.  Safe for kids and adults too!

I occasionally get asked, “How can I create an artificial wound for my child without using harsh products like latex on my child’s face?” Simple: go back to the basics…food!

Here are some ideas for you to create some scary effects on your child — also perfect for face painting events!

Gelatin wounds:

To create this you will need to get 1 oz. gelatin (not Jello, but plain, unflavoured old-fashioned gelatin, usually located right next to the Jello), add 2 tablespoons boiling water and stir, let sit for 3 minutes. As you stir, the gelatin will dissolve. For more gelatin, double or triple up the mixture. Pour the mixture onto waxed paper or other surface. You will need to shape the gelatin to what you want — a wart, a scar, etc. You need to work quickly, particularly if you are going to mix in some colour. To add colour, use food colouring (small amounts at first and then tweak as needed). To add some texture or sparkle, add oatmeal or glitter to the mixture.

You can apply directly on skin when it has cooled down. Test this on your arm first before putting on your model. You can use household items to sculpt your wound, like a spoon or toothpick. To keep this product from being sticky, brush on some baby powder. Then it’s ready to paint! Any type of body or face paint can be used.

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Need some blood?

Here is a recipe to get that extra special effect: mix together honey, instant coffee and red food colouring to some water. Now there are no rules or exact measurements, just think about the type of blood you want. For fresh blood use less coffee, for old blood use more coffee. The honey is great because it gives it that thick blood look and will stay in place better. Also this blood is edible but do keep in mind that there is coffee in it so your little one may be up to eat all that candy with you on Halloween night!


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