Do Whatever It Takes

A few weeks ago I received a Facebook invitation to participate in a contest The Response Dance Society was putting on to win two tickets to Amber Funk Barton’s work “Portraits and Scenes of Female Creatures” at the Firehall Arts Centre. Being a somewhat financially deprived dance artist, I knew the only way I’d be able to see this new full length work by Vancouver starlet Funk Barton was to get creative.

The contest called for an email that explained why I absolutely had to see the show. After some hesitation I decided that if I truly wanted to be at this performance, I had to do everything in my power to do so. And here was an opportunity from the universe! I was practically summoned with a message from the heavens that this was what I had to do. I was meant to do this. So I sat down at the computer and let it out. I pulled out all the stops. There was no shame, all I saw was my goal. A quick prayer and click of the send button confirmed it. There was no turning back. My fate was no longer in my hands. Now, to wait.

I often find myself second guessing my gut with feelings of inadequacy or guilt. True, I am unable to make it to many events in the city because of lack of funds. I don’t think this uncommon, and I think it a valid reason. I am only human and even with unlimited funds I could never see everything. However, if I am to call myself a dance artist I have to believe in what I do have to give. Whether I give as a volunteer, a paying audience member, as voice on this blog or a body in the studio, I am making a contribution and I deserve to follow my intuition. It can be a tricky thing for someone young like myself, but I find this head space to be where I find the most peace. This peace of mind helps me to take risks: in all situations.

The no-holds barred approach worked and I, with lovely date in tow, got the chance to see the work. I was touched, and culturally fulfilled. Aside from getting the pleasure of watching some beautiful dancing, and being able to support my community, I also got the satisfaction of knowing that I had earned my seat there. Perhaps not with the more traditional form of payment, but trust me…I earned it.

Want to know what made me go to any lengths? Check out The Response website.


CoCo & Rico Contributor, Kara Nolte


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