Garlic: A Model’s Safety Net to Dodge the Cold

While the holidays might mean bright lights and festive colours—it also marks the arrival of flu season. Malls, restaurants and other public places turn into breeding grounds for germs that could hamper any model’s day. After all, some of the worst conditions for a model to wake up to include congestion, puffiness and body aches.  Granted, there are countless remedies, medicines and other treatments, but when pressed for time these are closer to luxuries than practicalities.

Thankfully there is a  commonplace item you likely already have in your home—garlic. Some of you might be thinking “Garlic? The same that ruins my breath!?” While it’s true that garlic might leave some trace of bad breath, this is entirely manageable. Garlic will protect you from getting sick, including the common cold and flu, and might even have the benefit of keeping your skin blemish free! So keep a stash of gum, breath fresheners or other bad breath covering substances at hand and be sure to eat one clove of garlic a day to reap its maximal benefits.

If, however, you have no such substances at hand and only have the raw garlic clove, consider the following: take a clove and peel it. Use a knife to horizontally slit the clove close to the middle. Then break up the garlic along the slit where you will find the sprout. Remove and discard the sprout, then eat the garlic. The sprout is what gives that distinct garlic breath. You may still want to use mouthwash or quickly brush your teeth after. Another way to consume garlic is by taking a garlic supplement.

Garlic is a super food that has many benefits, but make sure you don’t eat too much of it because it can also upset your stomach and damage your digestive tract. All I’m saying is to use common sense; I, myself, don’t eat more than two raw cloves per day.

Happy, healthy, flu-free holidays everyone!

Yours truly,


CoCo & Rico Artistic/Model Director, Victoria Kozik

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