Something I Found: Rocket Hub

Give Me Brilliance, as photographed be Thorsten Gohl.

Something I found: Rocket Hub

What is it?
A website where creatives and entrepreneurs can launch projects to be fuelled by fans, friends and family.

Where can you find it?
Right here.

Why bother?
Because all voices need to be heard and it’s in your power to ensure that great ideas don’t get lost.

How does it work?
The creatively ambitious research, plan and present their project to the world. They post photos, videos and describe why they need your support. You decide how much you would like to contribute and receive a reward in exchange for your generosity.

Who is launching right now?
There are zillions of proposals on the site. Vancouver-based contemporary dance company Give Me Brilliance is one of them. The company began working together in the Spring of 2011 and is headed full force into creating their first show. Be a part of something great! Help out these talented young dance artists, and watch them grow! Their project can be viewed and supported at

More information on their events and classes at


CoCo & Rico Contributor, Kara Nolte

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