Dancing In The Park

Picture by Pearl Photographics

I have been pushing myself lately to find more places to dance. What amazes me is that dance is up to this challenge—it can happen anywhere.

I used to only dance in the studio or on stage. There were times I would dance for family members in the living room to Celine Dion. When I started going to bars and clubs, I would dance out on the floor, and when I started going to gay clubs, I would dance on the poles.

Last week I went to the tennis court with my housemate, a photographer. I danced and she took photos. The weekend before that, I went to an event at Chapel Arts. I danced my face off and it felt good. Next week I’m going to go into the studio to dance my face off with my friend Jen. It’s going to feel good.

Everywhere I go now, I ask myself “Can dance happen here?” At first my mind will go to the boundaries of the situation and try to conceptualize what “kind” of dance should happen there or start marking out what limits there need to be in any given venue, whether it be a bus stop, a playground, an East Van alley or a bar stage. The truth is that it doesn’t matter.

This may be old news to some, the idea that dance has no limits, but it is a revelation for me. Somehow in all my training the dance world became very small. My perception was that there were a handful of ways to dance that were “right” or “allowed”. I’m slowly letting go of that, and I have to say I like it.

My name is Kara, and I like to dance. I will dance anywhere that it is moderately socially acceptable. I will dance anywhere until it becomes moderately socially acceptable. The next place on my list is the library. Would anyone like to join me?


CoCo & Rico Contributor, Kara Nolte

One thought on “Dancing In The Park

  1. Sarah says:

    I’ll dance with you anywhere!

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