MEET THE TEAM: Victoria Kozik

artistic & model director   |   TWITTER   |   FACEBOOK

Today, we meet Victoria Kozik: Vancouver model and our Artistic Director/Model Director.


Tell us about your background and how you got started in your field. 

I’m of Russian descent, born in Ukraine. I moved to Montreal at the age of nine and to Vancouver at the age of 10. Family, relatives, friends and photographers were repeatedly telling me that I look like a model so eventually I decided to try it out.

What inspires you?

Beauty, and people who create beautiful art with the most simple tools that millions of others can’t.

Who are your role models?

People who work hard to achieve what is impossible in most eyes. I look up to those who succeed with love in their hearts, love our planet and respect those around us.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

The whole process, it just makes me happy to be doing what I love.

Since CoCo & Rico is a local magazine, what is your favourite thing about Vancouver?

I love Vancouver, period. We have so many nationalities here making our city so rich in talent, it’s amazing! I’m a major food lover and I love the fact that I can have pretty much anything from any kitchen in the world in this amazing city.

What would you do with a day off?

A morning at the gym followed by a light lunch, a bit of shopping, afternoon tea and some time at the spa.

What’s your favourite product/item/gadget?



Contact Victoria at

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