MEET THE TEAM: Sasha Arkhipova

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Today, we introduce to you the sweet and beautiful Sasha Arkhipova.  The brains behind our upcoming launch party, details coming soon!


Tell us about your background and how you got started in your field.

I was born in Russia and moved to Canada about three years ago. I’ve studied and experienced various things which I liked and didn’t, but what has always remained my faithful friend is a passion for crafts as well as an interest in art and fashion. I constantly work on small projects like decorating my home, sewing clothes for myself and knitting. I came up with the idea to open my tiny Etsy shop to sell jewelry I design and make. I love working with my hands — it’s entertaining and relaxing at the same time. It just feels good to be doing something artistic and makes me happy seeing people wear my pieces with pleasure. And, in general, I love to be surrounded by a creative atmosphere and work with people who are engaged in any form of art, follow fashion and remain positive.

What inspires you?

It can be anything: nature, music, sun, a good movie. Very often other people’s work gives me motivation to better my skills and aim for something great.

Who are your role models?

People who set goals and achieve them successfully.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Independently, creatively, exploring the world and sharing the ability to see beauty where others may not.

Since CoCo & Rico is a local magazine, what is your favorite thing about Vancouver?

Like how you can see the Eiffel Tower from any point in Paris, I like how you can see the
mountains in Vancouver.

What would you do with a day off?

Discover something new.

What’s your favorite product/item/gadget?



Contact Sasha at

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