A Hint of What’s To Come: Chocolate & Fashion

Thanks to Rachel of CocoaNymph Chocolates for the mouth watering picture!

On wet Vancouver days, a lot of us reach out for a mug of hot cocoa to battle the chill.  Not only can chocolate comfort us in subzero temperatures, but research is piling up in support of  its health benefits. With chocolate helping to alleviate migraines, improve circulation and generally elevate moods, it’s no wonder that the pleasurable effect of chocolate translates so smoothly into art.

For centuries, artists have been trying to convey their inspirations onto canvases — it was only a matter of time that the inspiration would become the medium itself.

There is an increasing range of artists who work primarily with chocolate. There are even international chocolate competitions held for the artisans, such as the World Chocolate Masters that just wrapped up in Paris this fall. Featuring sculptures and edible creations that are too fantastically beautiful to destroy by eating, chocolate art has now blended fashion into the mix.

Any type of apparel or accessory can be created and transformed with chocolate. Layers of milky smooth chocolate moulded together to form a dress or a necklace, for example, would not only be exciting aesthetically but also hint at a seductive quality as well. Picture how easily a piece of chocolate can conform to your skin and melt. Now combined with the sensuous aspects of fashion worn around the body, chocolate will be considered even more of an aphrodisiac.

CoCo & Rico Executive Editor, Celia Leung

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Contact her at celia.leung@cocoandricomagazine.com

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