Introducing: Joseff

CoCo & Rico Magazine is all about collaborations with local talent, upcoming and established.  This week we’re pairing up with Joseff, an aspiring stylist and fashion blogger from John Casablancas.

Spending a day in Gastown is worth it. A Vancouver gemstone in terms of tourism — Gastown really has established itself as one of the best spots for arts, food, outstanding scenery, and high-end fashion — but also a great spot for the locals.

I love how, like Main Street, so many local stores and fashion designers are gathered in this one place. It has its creative and innovative stores like Roden Gray, John Fluevog, Oak&Fort, The Block, Dream, Dutil, Motherland, and many more, which carry high-end fashions of all kinds, from local designers to world-class clothing brands.

Gastown is also home to what I consider the best fashion school in town, my school, John Casablancas Institute of Applied Arts. I recommend Gastown not only for the fashionistas but also for those who want to become one. It is a great opportunity to be exposed to the creative talent in a place like this, because for sure you will be inspired and motivated! I like to think you feel good when you look good!

Thinking about my first assignment for CoCo & Rico Magazine, I decided to do an interview. It was not a bit easy because I was nervous about what to do, and I planned to do it impromptu. Also, I didn’t have any experience doing interviews, and finding a store to do it with was more challenging than I thought! Many stores didn’t want to be interviewed, either because they were busy or no one in the store was in capable of giving out information – and I understand that! The day ended on a good a note with a quick conversation with the President of what I think is the best Canadian fabric store – Mr. Roger McKie of DRESSEW!

DRESSEW is a top-notch store, with a huge selection of things related to fabric and sewing. They try to maintain great relations with their customers, by offering great deals and promotions. The store is full of potential and a blissful way for anyone with an interest in clothes, sewing, or DIYs to spend some time. It gets busy a lot of the time, but their staff is very approachable and I love their store environment! You have to see what the store has to offer, because you will never find a store quite like DRESSEW.

Watch my interview with the President of DRESSEW to learn some background information about the store and where they got their start.

(For a first timer, I hope you guys like it!)


Happy Valentine’s everyone! Love, love, love! ❤


Stay chic, stay connected! Much love, Joseff Lopez! xo

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2 thoughts on “Introducing: Joseff

  1. Jan says:

    Classic yet colourful XD

  2. Arianna says:

    “I like to think you feel good when you look good!” great article :))))

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