A Word With Byron Abad

Vancouver Fashion Week is well underway and CoCo & Rico caught up with Byron Abad, a student at LaSalle College and designer behind the Synikal line, to discuss his participation in one of the city’s most stylish events.



Photograph LaSalle College.

You showed at Vancouver Fashion Week on Thursday. What was the inspiration behind your collection?


BA:  My inspiration usually comes from random things that happen in my everyday life, and for this collection it was the movie “Finding Nemo” and the circus. The movie popped up in a conversation a couple of months ago and I forgot how much I loved it so I re-watched it.  I knew that the colour Tangerine Tango was the “it” colour this fall so immediately I thought of Nemo.  Music is also a huge inspiration because I always have something playing in the background.  The song “Ramalama” by Roisin Murphy was playing and I immediately thought that it was the perfect runway song, which is what I had playing at the show. It’s kind of a quirky and dark track but I thought “circus.” My gears started turning and incorporated the two into my inspiration.


Is there a message you want to send out through your clothes?


BA: The message I want to send through my clothes is “I’m sexy and I know it!” I get a lot of satisfaction when I make something for a client and they tell me how much attention they get because of what I made them. I believe that it doesn’t matter what you wear, it’s how you wear it.


How would you describe your experience as a designer at fashion week? Anything you would change for next time? 


BA: My experience at fashion week was quite enjoyable and I have to thank my friends Melissa and Katie for assisting me backstage, and the staff at Vancouver Fashion Week because they made everything run so smoothly for me. However, the journey getting there was another story. There were many sleepless nights and days that I wouldn’t eat because I had way too much to do in such a small amount of time. The only thing I would change for next time is to start producing my collection even earlier. Two weeks was definitely not long enough, and there were two looks that I wasn’t able to execute due to the lack of time.


How did you come up with the name Synikal for your clothing line?


BA: The name “Synikal” is a play on the word cynical, another word for pessimistic. When I was younger I watched my mother and grandmother make clothing for themselves and I learned how to sew. As I grew older, I decided to take a step further and wanted to become a fashion designer but nobody believed that I could do it, hence the name.


Where do you see your brand going?

BA: I do see my brand going into stores in the near future. I am currently building my website so I can promote my brand and reach out to potential retailers and clients.


CoCo & Rico Executive Editor, Celia Leung

See Celia’s Blog.

Contact her at celia.leung@cocoandricomagazine.com

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