VFW From Home

Screenshot Vanfashionweek.com

I love attending Fashion Week. The hustle and bustle backstage, the amazing style of the audience, the snaps of camera shutters at the end of the runway, and of course, seeing the beautiful collections of talented designers. However, because of a recent foot injury, I’ve become housebound. Not only am I restricted from wearing my high heels, but I haven’t been attending Vancouver Fashion Week as well. I feel like Lindsay Lohan under house arrest.

Being cooped up at home missing out on both fashion week and the warm sunny weather is miserable, which is why I’m so glad that Vancouver Fashion Week teamed up with FOY Media Group this season to produce a live stream of their shows. I may not be dressed up in the front row enjoying the sights and sounds at the Chinese Cultural Centre on East Pender, but I do get to watch from the comfort of my own home, in my plush robe and with a bowlful of ice cream. It doesn’t replace actually being there in person, but at least now I don’t have to miss a fashion moment.

CoCo & Rico Executive Editor, Celia Leung

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