A Night Out: “Blush” at the Vancouver Playhouse

Picture dancehouse.ca

I went to this dance show I liked a few weeks ago.

I wore a kimono that was given to me when I was three years old. It’s from Japan. Clearly I am a little bigger than when I was three so it’s more of a shirt now. The only reason I was able to attend the show, which featured a company from out of town, was because I got the ticket for Christmas. So yes, I’d been looking forward to it. I usually go to dance shows alone and this time was no different, however the event seemed emptier than usual. There were no distractions in the see and be seen milieu. Fortunately the work on stage was engaging enough that it didn’t really matter to me that no one saw me in my floral get up. I didn’t wear it for them anyway.

The company performing was Gallim Dance, from New York City, the show was at the Vancouver Playhouse presented by DanceHouse. The work featured was called “Blush” choreographed by Andrea Miller, the company’s Artistic Director. If you care about contemporary dance at all, I can tell you that there was some pretty mad emotion demonstrated by the performers. I personally love when dance becomes less about the technical ability of the dancers and more about translating the regular human plight through body movement. I connected to the work as a woman, as a person, as an emotional wreck, as a lover, as a Wolf Parade fan and as someone who wears kimonos.

Well done.

CoCo & Rico Contributor, Kara Nolte

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