A Week After Vancouver Eco Fashion Week

I was only fortunate enough to catch one night of shows during Vancouver Eco Fashion Week—but what I saw I liked, and what I liked left me eager make my own wardrobe a little more eco-conscious.

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The shows I saw inspired me to give clothing I already own a new life, by tailoring or re-envisioning, and to think twice before I buy that too-cheap-to-pass-up mass market summer dress.  The environmental impacts of the textile industry, as well as the social ones, are not given enough public attention.

Seeing the collections of these eco-conscious designers, an impressive level of design talent was merged with emphasis on ethically sourced materials and fair labour practices.  Prophetik boasts natural dyes and low-impact fabrics.  Adhesif is designed and constructed locally in Vancouver with reclaimed fabrics and vintage notions.  Vancouver-native fiveleft tans his leather pieces with an ancient vegetable-based method, with all pieces constructed in BC. LRMA x London Alexander  is a Squamish-based designer who makes his men’s line locally and with sustainable fabrics whenever possible.  These designers are just a few of the many who are increasingly looking to prove that fashion doesn’t have to come at the expense of the earth.

As a consumer, it’s all too easy to overlook the importance of buying ethically sourced and produced clothing.  We’re faced with a market flooded with cheap, mass-produced fashion—and it’s time to let our buying habits shift in a more positive direction. Eco Fashion Week has proven that being eco-friendly does not mean having to sacrifice style—it means actively thinking about where our clothing comes from, “from process to product.” 

Time to re-evaluate our closets, perhaps?

CoCo & Rico Media Director, Angelina Tagliafierro

Contact her at angelina@cocoandricomagazine.com

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