A Newspaper Dress? Mattea Goldstein Made One

Newspapers are usually discarded into recycling bins once they’re a day old, but ever thought about making a dress with them? Mattea Goldstein did. She’s the winner of the Signé Metro Contest, a competition held by Metro News and LaSalle College International. The results were announced last Wednesday, and CoCo & Rico Magazine had the opportunity to catch up with Goldstein to discuss her win.

What made you want to get involved in the competition?

MG: I got involved with the competition because it seemed like a chance to get creative and work with a new material.

Your theme for the dress was flapper faerie. How did you decide on that?

MG: The contest required participants to make an accessory to accompany their dress, and I immediately knew I wanted to make a hat. I love the cloche hats of the 1920s and am continually inspired by the art deco movement of the 1920s and 1930s. After choosing my theme, the idea for the dress started to take shape.

How did you find the process of creating a dress with recycled paper? What were some of the complications?

MG: My design had a lot of curved seams which was a challenge to sew in paper, as it has very little flexibility as compared to fabric. However, working with paper allowed me to do things like glue and tape, in addition to sew, which definitely enhanced my process.

Did the dress come out as you had anticipated?

MG: The dress did come out like I envisioned! It’s a little more rigid than I anticipated, but this was my first time working with paper.

How many pages would you say it took to finish the dress?

MG: It’s really hard to say, I made the bodice several time before I was satisfied with it. I also glued several sheets together in order to include specific content, such as the Metro logo or colored strips (to make the piping). I can estimate that it was between 200-300 sheets for the dress alone, and more for the hat.

Do you think you would make a dress out of paper again in the future? What other creative materials would you like to work with?

MG: I would make another paper dress; however, in the long term I am more interested in creating wearable pieces. I would like to create my own textiles using techniques like felting or weaving. Perhaps my work in paper will inform future creations in other mediums.


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One thought on “A Newspaper Dress? Mattea Goldstein Made One

  1. lcgdirect says:

    very cool dress. the details are amazing. hard to believe it’s paper!

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