Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, CoCo & Rico is a fresh and creative publication focusing on cultivating the fashion, beauty and arts industries blossoming within the city. Entertaining and provocative, the magazine showcases the local scene’s brilliant skills while offering insightful articles from local artists themselves. CoCo & Rico aspires to bring together these highly-talented artists with a vibrantly diverse editorial and creative team to exhibit the best Vancouver has to offer.

With sections on fashion, beauty, hair, art, modelling and photography, our magazine aims to create content that is exciting, interesting and significant. CoCo & Rico is unwavering in its dedication to providing visually-stunning and artistic photo-editorials featuring top local talent. We want our readers to step away with a better appreciation for the art and beauty around us and hopefully inspire them to create more beauty themselves.

CoCo & Rico’s mission is to help emerging and established artists working in art, makeup, hair, design, photography, or fashion to introduce themselves to the public – sharing their passion, work and vision with a wider audience. We hope that in collaborating with the magazine, creative boundaries will be pushed from all sides and innovative forms of art and beauty will emerge. In creating this platform, CoCo & Rico believes that Vancouver’s fashion and beauty industry will develop to be internationally recognized and respected. We want the magazine to be the first resource readers turn to for the latest in local fashion, beauty and arts and hope our directory will be an invaluable tool for fashion insiders and the interested public.

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